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Εxplore the island on the sailing boat "Eleni"

Sail-boat "Eleni" is a skipper 53 model, made in Greece.

It boasts 4 cabins equipped with a bathroom, a living room and kitchen. It is 16.5 meters long, 5 meters wide and can have a maximum speed of 14-15 knots in full sail.

Our sail boat is ideal for daily cruise trips to the beautiful beaches of Milos. Furthermore it can be chartered on a daily or weekly basis for trips to Sifnos- Kimolos-Polyaegos and the East Cyclades.

She follows the itinerary of the daily cruise trip to Kleftiko in detail:

We set sail from the port of Adamantas and then we sail by the small fishing villages of Skinopi, Klima, Areti and Fourkovouni.

Our first stop for photographs will be by the famous rock formations known as "Arkoudes" or "Bears", a rare geological phenomenon.

Then we sail on to Vani Cape, where we will admire the tall red rocks and stand in awe before the magnificence of nature. We shall make a short stop there for a guided tour of the place.

Leaving Vani Cape behind, we will head south towards the protected bay of Kalogries, famous for its crystal clear waters, where you will have the chance to enjoy the first swim of the day for approximately half an hour.

After the visit to Kalogrieswe continue our cruise trip and sail past the beaches of Agathia, Triades, Ammoudaraki and St. Ioannis.

On our way to the cave of Sykia, should Aeolos and Poseidon temper with the winds and the sea, Captain George and his son Stavros will open the sails fully and initiate you to the secrets of sailing for a truly unique experience.

As the central part of the ceiling inside the cave has collapsed, allowing the sunlight tocreep in and join the deep blue waters, the swimming inside it will fascinate you.

Leaving behind us the cave of Sykia we will head for the culmination of beauty, Kleftiko. In by-gone days the beautiful caves and protected beaches of Kleftiko served as hideouts for the pirates of Capsis and Barbarossa. We will guide you to all the caves used by the pirates and you will also have the chance to dive into the crystal clear waters either from the boat or the nearby rocks as well as go snorkeling and explore the breathtaking sea bottom with masks, snorkels and flippers supplied by a member of the crew.

At noon lunch will be served either on the boat or in the pirates’ cave and you will have the chance to enjoy a traditional fisherman’s meal.

Furthermore in Sykia and Kleftiko there will be a guided tour of the pirates’ caves in the small dinghy our sail boat is equipped with.

After our visit to Kleftiko, you can admire the beautiful sunset while having your afternoon coffee or a cold refreshment as "Eleni" will sail on with all her sails spread out.

Our last stop for a swim will be at the beach of Plathiena, a weary purple setting sun bidding us goodbye while slowly giving its place to a young moon.

Finally we sail home to the harbour of Adamantas.

The total cost of the fare in agreement with the shippers includes:

Sandwiches and seasonal fruits for breakfast.

Barley rusk served with fresh tomato and cheese, octopus on the grill and ouzo, grilled fish, souvlaki, fish soup "kakavia" and retsina wine during lunchtime.

In the last part of the sailing trip we offer ice-cream or dessert and fresh fruits.

Our love for the sea is the key element that ensures an unforgettable experience for our guests-friends.

George Mathioudakis
Tel: +30 22870 21972
Mob: +30 694 41 44 097
Fax: +30 22870 21973

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