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Milos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. The island is just a few hours sail from Piraeus on a ferry boat (86 nautical miles) while a flight from the InternationalAirport of Athens lasts 25 minutes, the island being a natural stop-over between Piraeus and the islands of Santorini and Crete.

Milos is the ideal location for nature lovers and enthusiasts of the Deep Blue. The island covers an area of 158 square kilometers, its coastline is 125 kilometers long and it boasts more than 75 sandy beaches. The population of Milos is approximately 5000 people.


We suggest you visit:

Plaka: capital of Milos boasts picturesque small streets and idyllic sunsets.
Adamantas: It is the main port of Milos (distance from Piraeus is 86 nautical miles).
There is a great number of hotels, rooms to let, cafes, restaurants,shops and vivid nightlife. At least 3 beaches are within walking distance (Lagada, Papikinou and Frangomnimata). The port is the starting point for excursions in small boats and sail boats.
Pollonia: It is a picturesque little village on the north-eastern tip of the island, situated round a beautiful bay. There are ferryboats and sea taxis that visit the neighboring island of Kimolos as well as small boats that do excursions to the nearby beaches and Poliaegos.
Klima: Ιt is a small fishing village with beautiful multi-colored two-storey houses at the sea front.

It is worth visiting the early Christian Catacombs and the various museums on the island (archeological, folklore and historical, ecclesiastical, maritime and mining museum).


Beautiful enchanting beaches:

St.Kyriaki: The crystal-clear waters and the multi-colored pebbles coupled with thick sand make this beach truly one of a kind.
Kleftiko: It is accessible only in a small boat and is characterized by crystal turquoise waters, unique rock formations and caves.
Sykia: A cave of exceptional beauty accessed only from the sea.
Paliochori: It is a small settlement with multi-colored pebbles, thick sand, crystal-clear deep waters and rocks in amazing colors.
Papafrangas: A deep sea cave with turquoise waters that lead to the open sea.
Provatas: Ideal for small children, it has shallow waters and very fine sand.
Sarakiniko: The most famous beach on the island thanks to its unique lunar landscape and bright white rocks.
Tsingrado: A beach with fine white sand and crystal clear waters.


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